Historical Theology



"A History of Israel" by John Bright [CLEARANCE: 50% OFF]
"Christianity and Western Thought" (Volume One) by Colin Brown
"Philosophy and the Christian Faith" by Colin Brown 
"Christian Apologetics Past and Present" (Volume One) by William Edgar & K. Scott Oliphint
"Shapers of Christian Orthodoxy" by Bradley Green [CLEARANCE: 50% OFF]
"The Erosion of Calvinist Orthodoxy" by Ian Hamilton
"Revolutions in Worldview" by W. Andrew Hoffecker
"Through Western Eyes" by Robert Letham
"For the Glory of God" by Rodney Stark
"The Victory of Reason" by Rodney Stark [41% OFF]
"From Nicaea to Chalcedon" by Frances M. Young


Charles R. Biggs
Ancient Church History Timeline [PDF] 
Important Councils and Creeds of Christendom [PDF] 
Augustine and Pelagianism [PDF] 
After the Council of Constantinople (AD 381), Augustine of Hippo and the Rise of Pelagianism [PDF] 
Christological Heresies and the Council at Chalcedon (AD 451) [PDF] 

"Medieval Church History"
Medieval Thought and Theology [PDF]

"The Story of Martin Luther"
Part I: The Reformation and the Life of Martin Luther Until the Diet of Worms (1521) 
Part II: The Reformation and the Life of Martin Luther After His Return to Saxony Until His Death 

J.H. Merle D'Aubigné 
"History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century" [PDF] 

1.   State of Europe Before the Reformation
2.   The Youth, Conversion, and Early Labors of Luther (1483-1517)
3.   The Indulgences and the Theses (1517-May 1518)
4.   Luther Before the Legate (May 1518-December 1518)
5.   The Leipsic Disputation (1519)
6.   The Papal Bull (1520)
7.   The Diet of Worms (January 1521-May 1521)
8.   The Swiss (1484-1522)
9.   First Reforms (1531 and 1522)
10. Agitation, Reverses, and Progress (1522-1526)
11. Divisions: Switzerland-Germany (1523-1527)
12. The French (1500-1526)
13. The Protest and the Conference (1526-1529)
14.The Ausburg Confession (1530)
15. Switzerland-Conquests (1526-1530)
16. Switzerland-Catastrophe (1528-1531)
17. England Before the Reformation
18. The Revival of the Church
19. The English New Testament and the Court of Rome
20. The Two Divorces

"Church History"
Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Book Four
Book Five
Book Six
Book Seven
Book Eight/Martyrs of Palestine
Book Nine

B.K. Kuiper
"The Church in History" [PDF]

Rev. R. Mackenzie
"The Early Church"
Athanasius and the Person of Christ
Augustine's Views of Sin and Grace

"The Scottish Reformation"
1. Its Origins and Background
2. Patrick Hamilton (1503-1528)
3. George Wishart (1513-1546)
4. John Knox (1513-1572)
5. Reformation Progresses
6. Reformation Achieved

Clay McKinney
"Church History Timeline" [PDF]
The Early Church in the Apostolic Period (AD 35-120)
The Early Church in the Period of the Apologists (AD 120-220)
The Early Church in the Third Century (AD 220-305)
The Imperial Church (AD 305-476)
The Early Middle Ages (AD 476-1000)
The High Middle Ages (1000-1299)
The Reformation (1500-1599)
The Puritans (1600-1699)
The Great Awakening (1700-1799)
The Second Great Awakening (1800-1899)
The Modern Period (1900-1999)

Stanford E. Murrell 
"A Glorious Institution: The Church in History" [PDF]
When the Church Was Young, AD 33-754 (Part I) & The Church in the Middle Ages, AD 754-1517 (Part II)
The Reformation and Its Aftermath, 1578-1648 (Part III) & The Modern Age, 1648-1900's (Part IV)

Mark S. Ritchie
"The Story of the Church"

 Part One: Early Church History (AD 50-313)
1. Introduction, Methods, Periods & Backgrounds
2. Scriptural Teaching on the Early Church, Geography, The Church vs. Pagan Society & Persecution
3. The Apostolic Fathers
4. Practices and Organization of the Early Church
5. Early Heresies/Schisms and Orthodox Responses
6. Church Fathers of the 2nd and 3rd Centuries
7. The Late Persecutions & Summary of Ante-Nicene Church History 

Part Two: Early Church History (AD 313-451)
1. Constantine and the Legalization of Christianity, Imperial Meddling in the Church & the Church's Complicity
2. The Doctrine of the Trinity, the Arian Heresy & the Council of Nicaea
3. Christological Controversies and the Council of Chalcedon
4. Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy 

Part Three: Early Church History Concluded & Church History in the Middle Ages (AD 313-1517)
1.   Overview of the Middle Ages
2.   Summary of the Decline of Christian Practice (Reasons and Content)
3.   Summary of the Decline of Christian Practice (Saints, Mary, Relics & Images)
4.   Summary of the Decline of Christian Practice (Penance, Purgatory & Monasticism)
5.   Anselm's 'Cur Deus Homo' ('Why the God Man?')
6.   Christianization of the Barbarians
7.   The Later Middle Ages
8.   The Scholastics
9.   Mystics and the Early Reformers
10. Medeival Art and Architecture 

Part Four: The Reformation and Early Protestantsim (1517-1750)
1. The Reformation (Introduction)
2. Martin Luther
3. Ulrich Zwingli and Zurich
4. The Anabaptists and Other Radical Reformers
5. John Calvin
6. The English and Scottish Reformation
7. The English Puritans
8. Progress of the Reformation (1517-1688) and Conclusion (The Reformation and Us)

J.C. Robertson
"Sketches of Church History: From AD 33 to the Reformation" [PDF] 

Book One:
1.   The Age of the Apostles (AD 33-100)
2.   St. Ignatius (AD 116)
3.   St. Justin Martyr (AD 166)
4.   St. Polycarp (AD 166)
5.   The Martyrs of Lyons and Vienne (AD 177)
6.   Tertullian; Perpetua and Her Companions (AD 181-206)
7.   Origen (AD 185-254)
8.   St. Cyprian (AD 200-258)
9.   From Gallienus to the End of the Last Persecution (AD 261-313)
10. Constantine the Great (AD 313-337)
11. The Council of Nicaea (AD 325)
12. St. Athanasius AD 325-337)
13. The Monks
14. St. Basil and St. Gregory of Nazianzum; Council of Constantinople (AD 373-381)
15. St. Ambrose (AD 374-397)
16. The Temple of Serapis (AD 391)
17. Church Government
18. Christian Worship
19. Arcadius and Honorius (AD 395-423)
20. St. John Chrysostom (AD 347-407)
21. St. Augustine (AD 354-430)
22. Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon (AD 431-451)
23. Fall of the Western Empire (AD 451-476)
24. Conversion of the Barbarians; Christianity in Britain
25. Scotland and Ireland
26. Clovis (AD 496)
27. Justinian (AD 527-565)
28. Nestorians and Monophysites
29. St. Benedict (AD 480-529)
30. End of the Sixth Century

B.B. Warfield
"Introductory Essay on Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy"
"The Ninety-Five Theses in Their Theological Significance"
"The Theology of the Reformation"
"The Westminster Assembly and Its Work"
"The Making of the Westminster Confession"

The Protestant Reformation
"The Dawn of Reformation" by Burk Parsons
"The Word of God in the Hands of Man" by R.C. Sproul