07 December 2011

Genetico-Synthetic Methodology & Sola Scriptura

The Proper Method for Engaging in Systematic Theology:

"The 'Genetico-Synthetic' method of Dogmatics... proceeds on the assumption that the divine self-revelation in Scripture is the principium cognoscendi externum [the external principle of knowing] of theology. The presupposition is that God, and not religion, is the object of theology, and that the object can be known only because, and in so far as, it has revealed itself... the data with which theology deals are not given in the Christian consciousness, but in the objective special revelation of God. This self-revelation only can give us absolutely reliable knowledge of God. Whatever knowledge may be derived from other sources, such as nature and the Christian consciousness, must be tested by the Word of God." (Louis Berkhof, "Systematic Theology" p. 71)

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