27 March 2012

Using the Gospel to Share the Gospel

This great evangelistic resource is only $1.00 over at The Westminster Bookstore. It is an accessible translation of The Gospel of Luke accompanied by an introduction and conclusion based upon the popular Two Ways to Live curriculum from Matthias Media.

Here is the product description:

"Two very popular and effective evangelistic tools:

What, we thought, if we combined the two?

That's what 'The Essential Jesus' does. Most of its 80 pages are made up of a fresh and accurate translation of Luke's Gospel. But the text of Luke is preceded by some important background information ('Previously in the Bible') that explains the biblical context and Jewish expectations as Jesus walks on center stage. (This explanation is based on boxes 1 to 3 of Two Ways to Live.) The text of Luke also includes numerous footnotes, helpfully explaining to the modern reader some of the unfamiliar terms and names that appear from time to time.

After Luke's account of Jesus, a summary of the message is presented using the Two Ways to Live framework, concepts and illustrations, but linking back to the content of Luke."

You can even preview the entire booklet here: The Essential Jesus [Preview PDF]

Here are some other great resources from Matthias Media:

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