12 May 2010

Christ Crucified: Absolute Propitiation Secured

"The Old Testament mercy seat was sprinkled with foreign blood; in Christ’s case the blood was that of the living mercy seat himself... Paul regarded the sacrificial aspect of our Lord’s death not as a secondary or figurative mode of viewing it, but as pertaining to its very essence, as most literally expressing its central significance. That propitiatory rite and that propitiatory place in which all Old Testament sacrificial functions culminated find their higher, their ideal counterpart in the crucified Savior. In this respect also He is the end of the law, not because He does away with the idea of sacrifice as something antiquated and imperfect, but because He embodies this idea in its highest conceivable, its absolute form in Himself, and thus, while rendering all previous forms superfluous, secures to it in His own Person everlasting reality."
(Geerhardus Vos)

To read more of Vos' works, please check out The Writings of Geerhardus Vos Project

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