18 May 2011

Fresh Picked Daily (18 May 2011)

This is the inaugural post of a new concept here at Pursuing the Fruit entitled "Fresh Picked Daily". As I am somewhat new to the blogosphere and certainly post significantly less than my cohorts, I am hoping this will be an easy and efficient way of using this blog to promote other blogs and report current events that catch my attention. My hope is that it gets me motivated to update this site on a regular basis.

This idea is not original, in fact, those that are veterans to this medium implement the same kind of concept... this is one reason I decided to produce "Fresh Picked". The other reason is practicality... I am constantly on the lookout for products, news and resources that are consistent with the reformed evangelical worldview (and I often have dozens of tabs open in my Internet browser that eventually get deleted since I am obsessive compulsive about organizing bookmarks); this is an effective way of consolidating my findings.

So without further adieu, I present to you... The Fresh Picked Daily:

Lectio Continua Expository Commentary
: Kim Riddlebarger (The Riddleblog) has posted the lineup for a New Testament Commentary series set to be released in 2012. I'm excited about this because some of my favorite pastor-theologians will be providing pulpit-experience to their respective editions. Daniel R. Hyde (Matthew), Iain D. Campbell (Luke), J.V. Fesko (Romans), Sinclair Ferguson (Colossians), Hywel R. Jones (1-3 John), Kim Riddlebarger (Jude-2 Peter) and Joel R. Beeke (Revelation) are amongst the contributors.

Free Kindle Books: Over at "Bring the Books" Adam Parker has been providing links to download classic works from Puritan and Reformed authors such as Bavinck and Ridderbos; Machen; Rutherford, Sibbes and Watson; Goodwin, Gurnall, Luther, Manton and Owen; Perkins; Bunyan, Kuyper, Pink and Spurgeon; Anselm, Augustine, Dickson and Taylor and more! If you have a Kindle or an E-Reader... I highly suggest you head over there and take up this great offer.

Top Commentaries: Keith Mathison has compiled a list of his top 5 commentaries for each book of the Bible. Tim Challies has provided that list for us over at Ligonier. If you are thinking about buying a commentary to fortify your study of Scripture, consult this list prayerfully before you purchase one.

The Gospel Coalition: Since there are a few things I would like to highlight from TCG, I thought I would have a general category. First off, the latest issue of Themelios has arrived (you can find back-issues here). Also, all of the audio and video is now available from The Gospel Coalition's 2011 National Conference. Make sure you check out The Gospel Coalition Albuquerque (audio is available for their 2011 Gospel Coalition Regional Conference (Clarus) featuring G.K. Beale and Carl Trueman) and The Greater Columbus Gospel Coalition (who will be having Paul David Tripp as the plenary speaker in their 2011 For the Sake of the Gospel Conference in November).

Founders Breakfast: On June 14, 2011, Wayne Grudem will be addressing themes from his book "Politics According to the Bible" at the Founders Breakfast in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets for "You, Your Church and Your Government" are $20 and the registration deadline is June 6. Founders is a ministry of Tom Ascol, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, FL (Founders Blog).

That does it for "Fresh Picked Daily"... make sure to follow me on Twitter and find me on Facebook for updates. I am also on The City. Soli Deo Gloria!

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