24 May 2011

Triple-Fresh Picked Daily (26 May 2011)

This is "triple-fresh" picked... I was unable to post the past three days, so I've combined them all into one large edition:

Foundations: The new edition of this international journal of Evangelical theology published by Affinity (formerly The British Evangelical Council) is here... with articles by Carl Trueman and G.K. Beale (of Westminster Theological Seminary), Hywel R. Jones (of Westminster Seminary California) and more!

Graça Para Vocé: I am so thankful for the work of translators in converting articles and books from English to other languages. Grace to You lists several translations at their site... and I've just been made aware of two books that have been translated into Portuguese have been made available by Editoria Fiel (Faithful Publishing House) for free download. "Charismatic Chaos" and "The Gospel According to the Apostles" by John MacArthur are available in PDF format. Be sure to share these with your Portuguese-speaking friends and family.

Who is Harold John Ockenga?: I didn't know the answer to that question until today, but thankful that I do now. He was the minister of Park Street Church (Boston, MA) from 1936-1969, the founding president of The National Association of Evangelicals, and the founding president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Owen Strachan, (who is writing his doctoral dissertation on Ockenga) was interviewed by Nathan Finn (of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) about this founding "neo-evangelical", pastor-theologians, and The Gospel Coalition. Read the interview here: [Part 1] [Part 2]

Imputed A: I am so grateful for the active obedience of Christ and the imputation of His righteousness to those who believe in Him. The heart of the gospel is that we can do nothing to earn God's favor and cannot satisfy the just wrath that is necessary payment for sins. Jesus has fulfilled the law perfectly (active obedience) and gave Himself as a propitiatory (wrath-satisfying) sacrifice by dying for us (passive obedience)... now THAT is good news. Tullian Tchividjian (of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) shares a story that is analogous of redemptive imputation over at The Gospel Coalition. Now, all analogies break down eventually... so by pressing this one too far, one might think that we are merely "virtually" saved that we might work harder to atone for our sins... but our salvation is definite and rests on the objective person and work of Jesus Christ: "Because we are, right now, under the completely sufficient imputed righteousness of Christ... threat of failure, judgment, and condemnation has been removed."

A Great Week for Battle: We live in a culture that is constantly challenging the biblical worldview. In order to prepare ourselves for spiritual warfare and defend the truth we hold dear, we must be biblically literate and equipped with weaponry that destroys strongholds and arguments and lofty opinions raised against the knowledge of God. "The Battle Belongs to the Lord: The Power of Scripture for Defending Our Faith" by K. Scott Oliphint (Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary) is a great resource for such preparation and equipping... and it is only $5 this week (only 3 days left) at Westminster Bookstore! Pick up a copy for yourself (or several... to give to others) in order to better contend for the faith with gentleness and respect.

Ligonier Q&A
: On May 19th, a few days before Harold Camping's (newest) rapture predictions fell short (again), R.C. Sproul hosted a panel discussion dealing with various controversial topics with guests Sinclair Ferguson, W. Robert Godfrey, Steven Lawson and R.C. Sproul, Jr. These pastor-theologians discussed dispensationalism, Harold Camping, regeneration, election, predestination, the sovereignty of God, postmodernism, and inerrancy.

Red Like Blood Giveaway: Win an ESV Compact Bible, three copies of "Red Like Blood: Confrontations with Grace" by Joe Coffey & Bob Bevington. Entries close at 6pm EST on Memorial Day.

That does it for this triple-shot edition of "Fresh Picked Daily"... make sure to follow me on Twitter and find me on Facebook for updates. I am also on The City. Soli Deo Gloria!

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